The Need

Warren County is not immune to violence.

According to the Ohio Family Violence Prevention Project the following occurs on a yearly basis in our county:

Children a year are abused
Children live in homes where Domestic Violence is occurring
Teenage females experience physical dating violence
Women are physically assaulted by a partner
Seniors (60+) are abused or neglected
Teenage girls are forced to do sexual things by a dating partner


What is Relationship Violence?young-girl

Relationship violence is abusive or violent behavior in which power and control are repeatedly misused against a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, family member, elderly person, child(ren), peer, colleague/coworker, classmate, or friend.  Relationship violence includes teen dating violence, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, sexual violence/assault, and violence against children and/or elderly persons.

Examples of relationship violence include

Physical violence (hitting, shaking, choking, pinching, pushing, biting, grabbing)

Emotional abuse (harmful language, humiliation, spreading gossip/lies, playing mind games)

Abuse using status (using popularity to manipulate, making all the decisions)

Abuse using technology (sending unwanted texts, breaking into social media profile)

Intimidation (making someone afraid by using looks, actions, and/or gestures, stalking)

Minimizing, denying, blaming (saying violence didn’t happen, blaming others)

Threats (threatening physical or sexual violence, threatening to commit suicide)

Using power/control to have uninvited/unwanted sex (“if you loved me, you would…”)

Exclusion (controlling others, isolating someone from family and friends)

Sexual violence (unwanted sexual touching and fondling, sexual coercion)

For more information browse our prevention resources