Agency Name:  Teen Alliance Council of Warren County

Contact Information:
Megan Crouch

Casey Hippenhammer

This is our piece: Teen Alliance Council (TAC) brings teen leaders together to tackle the issues of Teen Dating Violence and Substance Abuse under the guidance of the Violence Free Coalition and the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Warren County.  TAC was solely focused on Teen Dating Violence from 2013-15 and expanded this past year to include the prevention of substance abuse.  Students from Springboro, Carlisle and Waynesville are involved.

Our Vision:  Teen leaders coming together to influence positive change.

Our Mission:  Warren County youth leaders united to empower one another to achieve personal success by promoting healthy relationships and substance-free lifestyles, building self-confidence, and creating accepting communities.

Red Ribbon Week – October
National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month – February
Warren County Youth Summit – February 26th  Topic: Strength

Links to Website & Social Media: Coming soon!

Meeting Times: The Teen Alliance Council meets once a month on Sundays.