Agency Name: Project AWARE – WArren County Educational Service Center

Contact Information:
Coordinator: Vycki Haught
Phone: (513) 695-2900, ext. 3103
E-Mail: Vycki.Haught@warrencountyesc.com

This is our piece: Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness And Resilience in Education) is designed to build positive mental health practices and help youth develop resiliency. The first component of Project AWARE addresses the mental health needs of youth, families/caregivers, and communities. This is accomplished by partnering with schools, and other agencies serving youth, to raise awareness of mental health needs among school aged youth and increase the delivery of mental and behavioral health services to youth and families along with developing new partnerships to better serve youth. Component two addresses the goal of early identification of mental health issues in youth by offering Youth Mental Health First Aid training to those who regularly interact with youth, such as parents, coaches, educators, clergy, agencies serving youth, law enforcement, etc.

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