Agency Name: Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren and Clinton Counties

Contact Information:
Coordinator: Tommy Koopman
Phone: 513-695-1695

This is our piece: Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties (MHRS) is the local Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) board that plans, funds, monitors and evaluates drug addiction and metal health prevention and treatment services Under Ohio law, MHRS is required to research community needs for mental health, alcohol, and drug addiction services. Based on this research, MHRS then prioritizes and plans strategies to meet local needs of residents with serious mental and emotional disorders and/or substance addictions. To do that, Ohio law authorizes MHRS to contract with nonprofit agencies and other organizations that provide services and programs promoting prevention, treatment, and recovery. Funding is also directed to some support programs for families and others affected by an individual’s illness. Funding to pay contract agencies for services comes from a number of sources: federal and state subsidies, grants and entitlements, and a local levy.

Links to Website & Social Media:
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Meeting Times: The Board meets on the Second Wednesday of the month at the board offices at 212 Cook Road in Lebanon from 5:30p-7:30p