Author: Megan Crouch

Are you lifting others up? Or tearing them down?

Take a moment today to think about the last conversation you had with your best friend.  The last last thing you said to a co-worker.  The last response you posted on Facebook.  Were your words uplifting?  Or used to tear others down? Each day we have 16,000 chances to Speak Kindly!  Words do hurt.  Make sure those hurtful words aren’t from you.  ...

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16,000 Chances Campaign Kick-Off!

In a recent Community Needs Assessment, 68% of Warren County residents reported that Verbal Abuse was the most commonly ignored Relationship Violence issue. A National Survey on Teen Dating Violence revealed 26% of teenage girls in a dating relationship had endured repeated verbal abuse.  Verbal Abuse is an issue we cannot and should not ignore. Introducing the 16,000 Chances Campaign!   How will you use your 16,000 words today?                To hurt others, or lift them up? Coming Soon…….There will be a dedicated page to the 16,000 chances campaign on this...

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