Author: Chelsie Thomas

PROJECT TDVA on Instagram

PROJECT TDVA WINNERS!!! Last Month was National Teen Dating Violence Awareness month! Our students had the opportunity to participate in our first ever Instagram hashtag contest called PROJECT TDVA. The students did an excellent job participating, getting creative, and spreading the awareness of teen dating violence throughout this contest. It was awesome to see all of their posts, comments, and support for one another as they all competed for the grand prize. Each weeks winner won a $25 gift card of their choosing, and the grand prize winner won $125! We would like to share the winners with you....

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# Project TDVA

STUDENTS: Help spread awareness of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (tdva) and compete to win $$$ Watch this video for Project Rules! #Project tdva video First Theme:  #tdvaOTP show us who you think the ultimate relationship models are! Who is your one true pairing (OTP) of people in a healthy relationship? We picked Tarra and Bella Dog because they are proof that relationships and friendships can come in all shapes and sizes. When one of them was sick, the other would never leave their side. They are loyal and respectful friends! #Project tdva RULES: Add the #TDVA plus the week’s...

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Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day Action Kit

Check out this resource put out by! This resource is a kit to help you organize the perfect “Health Cares About Domestic Violence” Day! The resource has everything you need to help plan this day. It has training webinars, posters, fact sheets, tool kits, Social Media post ideas, and more! Get involved this October to raise awareness of Domestic Violence in your area.   Health Cares about Domestic Violence Day Action Kit  ...

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When your Ex won’t go away…

Does your Ex still do any of these things, Repeatedly calls/texts you Makes promises to be better/change Blames you for the breakup, and says if you would just change things could be better Says you won’t find anyone better Shows up at your house/school/work These behaviors are not healthy! They can be especially stressful and overwhelming; you don’t have to deal with it. Here are some suggestions to help, Block their number on your phone Make your close friends and family aware of the breakup so they can help support you Use the buddy system when you are at...

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D8 SAFE Summer tips!

Yaaaas! Finally! Goodbye school, and hello summer! Summer is a great time for catching up with friends and with our relationships. Even in the summer we should make sure to give our dating partners a healthy amount of space to do the things they love. Trust and respect are going to be key around this time. For more summer dating tips check out this article!

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