Author: Chelsie Thomas

The Compassion Games

Have you heard of the Compassion Games!? A little bit of compassion and kindness can go a long way in someone’s day! This video demonstrates how the Compassion Games can change cultures – even in prison and in a high school plagued by gang violence. This is “climate change” for good! Game on To see other groups participation, or for more ideas on how to give compassion, check out the Compassion Games Facebook Page!  ...

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What Were You Wearing? -Exhibit at KU about sexual assault

In their Kansas Union Gallery, at Kansas University, the sexual assault prevention and education center has enabled a display that busts the myth that a person is more likely to be sexually assaulted if they are wearing provocative clothing. This is a traveling exhibit in which the center selects and recreates the outfits of sexual assault survivors on the walls in the gallery. All clothing is donated and matched to each story selected. The display aims to “confront and disrupt” social norms around rape culture and what causes it, Brockman said. While social norms may place undue blame on...

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Quick 3 For Educators!

Each month we will be posting 3 quick activities educators can do in their classroom’s to promote Respect and Healthy Relationships and decrease Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault. New school year, new faces, and new opportunities to make this year memorable for your students.  Here are a few teachers that have gone the extra step to connect with their students and what local students said would make them feel more connected. The Handshake! You do not have to something as complex as this (I’m not sure how he remembers it all), but figuring out a way connect to...

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A Dangerous Dating Trend

Millennials are experiencing a dangerous dating trend – Love Bombing. Don’t let the name fool you – it describes a controlling and abusive relationship. recently wrote an insightful article, “8 Signs You’re Being Love Bombed”. The whole article is worth reading, but if you’re short on time, here are the highlights. You know you’re being Love Bombed if: Your new relationship moves really fast Your dating partner immediately starts making promises about the future There’s lots of gifts and romantic gestures showered on you at the beginning of a relationship Your dating partner wants to be in constant...

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Solar Eclipse: August 21 ,2017!

The Solar eclipse today begins at 1pm in the Miami Valley & ends at 3:50pm! According to meteorologist Brett Collar, the max eclipse for the Miami Valley will be at 2:28PM!   Don’t forget, just like healthy relationships, there are healthy ways to view the sun! 😎😍 For more Miami Valley timing information visit WHIO: For a list of healthy viewing options from NASA: For learning about healthy relationships, you have found the right...

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Are you using Snap Map?

Snapchat’s new map feature can be fun! Just make sure that you know which of your friends can see your location, and where. Check out this slideshow to see how to change your settings and find out your options. When you are not in “Ghost Mode” Friends can see your EXACT LOCATION!           Are you using snap map? from Violence Free Coalition of Warren...

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