Author: Deona Bethart

How Will You Use Your 16,000 Words Today?

How will you use your 16,000 Words Today! The Violence Free Coalition would like to encourage you to intentionally seek to use kind words to others today.  While it may seem like a small thing, you have no idea how the gift of kindness might change the day of someone around you.   A simple “How are you today?” let’s others know that you care. In your dating relationships, in your marriage, or with your children, be sure to be thoughtful in your words. And always choose to speak...

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Got Apps?

Digital technology is great. And it’s not so great. There are apps out there can make children and teens targets. The Middletown Journal posted an article with some great information about apps, which you can read in its entirety here. These are some important highlights: Smith, who works with various law enforcement agencies, said there are a number of anonymous apps that allow juveniles to communicate outside of traditional circles, including Yellow, which he described as “Tinder for teens.” The app also tries to find people on Kik and on Instagram. “Pedophiles flock to this site because it’s so easy...

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Cyberbullying Stops Here

As we head into summer, it’s important to keep in mind that just because kids aren’t in school doesn’t mean that bullying stops. Technology can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be a tool to demean, belittle or bully from anywhere at anytime. According to TeenSafe 87% of today’s youth have witnessed cyberbullying. THAT’S NOT COOL! The reach of cyberbullying can be staggering, but here’s the good news: it only takes one person to standup to decrease the likelihood of the bully attacking again. The “I Am A Witness” campaign seeks to give anyone with a smart phone...

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4 Ways to Give the Gift of Respect

[This is part of a series inspired by ReDo Day – read more about our ReDo program at] “Give the gift of respect.” All of our ReDo Days start with this expectation. Usually we are taught that respect has to be earned. In one sense, that is true. One definition of the word “respect” is “to hold in esteem or honor”. There are words and actions that a person may use that make it really hard to respect him or her. We also need to have some familiarity with a person if we are going to respect them...

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