Author: Deona Bethart

Part 1: What is Bullying Anyway?

This is Part 1 of a four part series on bullying. The new school year is almost here. No matter how much you’re enjoying the summer, there’s always something exciting about shopping for school supplies, getting a new backpack, brand new pens and maybe even some stylish clothes to start the school year off right. Some students’ excitement, however, gets overwhelmed by dread. For them, school isn’t a place where you get to learn, hang out with friends and be a part of something. For these students, they are bullied, harmed and disregarded at school. What does bullying really...

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5 Steps to Handle Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is an issue that affects youth across the nation. It doesn’t take a break in the summer like other school-based bullying. Here are 5 steps you can take when you’ve been cyberbullied.** Don’t Retaliate! That’s often what the cyberbully wants. Save the Evidence Take a screenshot and save the messages. Tell Someone What’s Happening Make sure it’s a trustworthy person who isn’t going to start drama. Report, Block, Get Rid! Every Social Media platform has a reporting feature, use it! Remember the Problem is with Them, Not with You Remember, hurt people end up hurting people. You don’t know...

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ReDo Your Day

If you’re in the Southwest Ohio area, chances are you’ve heard of the Violence Free Coalition’s ReDo Day program. This program seeks to end bullying by helping students share their stories, listen to other’s stories and build empathy. It’s a full day experience that students and school staff alike enjoy and recommend. We get a lot of questions about what ReDo means, so here is a breakdown of what it is to ReDo your day. Respect Everyone. This simply means that you make the choice to see everyone as a person of value and worth. You don’t have to...

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4 Ways To Be a Better Listener

One thing every person needs, and especially those who are experiencing depression or stress, is to feel like they are seen and heard. When you take the time to listen to someone, you let the other person know that they are valuable enough that you are willing to give them your time and attention. Listening is a great tool to have in your toolbox and below I offer 4 ways to be a better listener: Create a safe space. We have a rule in our ReDo Day program: what happens in ReDo stays in ReDo. To be a great listener,...

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Do This 1 Thing to Stop Bullies

Fun Fact: When a Bystander (someone who witnesses bullying) intervenes, they can stop the bullying in 10 seconds, 50% of the time. Another Fun Fact: If a Bystander speaks up when they see bullying occur, the likelihood of the bully repeating that action goes down by 50%. That’s a lot of impact that a Bystander can have and all they have to do is this one thing: SPEAK UP. Your words matter; kind words matter. When you see bullying happen in real life or online, take a deep breath, step up and say “What you’re doing/saying is not okay.”...

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