Social media can be a wonderful way of networking and keeping in touch with friends and family. Sometimes, however, social media can be a platform for bullying. When that happens, there are steps that you can take to report the bully or harasser. Each social media platform has its own way of reporting posts and comments. You’ll find the steps to reporting bullying on Facebook in the PDF file below. Here’s some tips from Facebook to keep in mind if you experience bullying:

  1. Stay calm. Acting out of anger in the moment can make matters worse.
  2. Tell someone you trust. Find your go-to person and let them know what is happening. Ideally this person would be an adult.
  3. Be safe. Don’t engage the bully on your own if they make you feel unsafe.
  4. Don’t retaliate. Hurting the bully in return will never solve the problem. Don’t try to get even or do something you might regret later.

Get Facebook’s Bullying Guide for Teens and learn more about reporting and how to stay safe and calm online.

Facebook Bullying Guide