Red Ribbon Week is a week in October dedicated to raising awareness for substance abuse.   As students, Teen Alliance Council (TAC) members are taking steps to bring Red Ribbon Week into their own schools and take preventative measures to stop these issues before they happen by educating fellow students on the topics.

In order to prevent the use of addictive, more intense drugs in future generations, TAC is taking steps to educate local youth on the dangers associated with gateway drugs. Gateway drugs are habit-forming drugs, that are often themselves not addictive, but will lead to the use of other addictive drugs. The most common gateway drugs are cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol, which just under 50% of high school students admit to having used within the past year (Castillo).

Shocking Levels of Substance Use by Teens!

Even more frightening is the fact that many teens do not see the dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse at a young age. As a whole, attitudes surrounding drug abuse in the upcoming generations are weakening. Youth see binge drinking as no big deal.  That’s what TAC hopes to change.

Study Shows Teens Think Binge Drinking is No Big Deal!


Written By:

Molly Wilson, Little Miami Teen Alliance Council Member