Each month we will be posting 3 quick activities educators can do in their classroom’s to promote Respect and Healthy Relationships and decrease Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault.

New school year, new faces, and new opportunities to make this year memorable for your students.  Here are a few teachers that have gone the extra step to connect with their students and what local students said would make them feel more connected.

The Handshake!

You do not have to something as complex as this (I’m not sure how he remembers it all), but figuring out a way connect to each student and show them that you care can make all the difference in the school year and possibly life of a student.

View the teacher that has an individual handshake with each of his students here!

The First Five Minutes and more!

This teacher takes the first five minutes of each class to talk to his students.

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Warren County Students Shared during our Youth Summit…

One thing that would make them feel more connected to their school was if teachers and staff attended more of their school activities.  And NOT JUST SPORTING EVENTS.  A class play, band concert, or academic team event would mean a lot to them.