Cyberbullying is an issue that affects youth across the nation. It doesn’t take a break in the summer like other school-based bullying. Here are 5 steps you can take when you’ve been cyberbullied.**

  1. Don’t Retaliate!
    That’s often what the cyberbully wants.
  2. Save the Evidence
    Take a screenshot and save the messages.
  3. Tell Someone What’s Happening
    Make sure it’s a trustworthy person who isn’t going to start drama.
  4. Report, Block, Get Rid!
    Every Social Media platform has a reporting feature, use it!
  5. Remember the Problem is with Them, Not with You
    Remember, hurt people end up hurting people. You don’t know what the cyberbullying is dealing with – doesn’t mean what they did is okay, or that you shouldn’t block them, but resist the urge to retaliate and, if possible, see if you can offer some kindness in return. Challenging, I know.

** Information from this post was tweeted by @ABAOnline and can be found in its original format here.