Digital technology is great. And it’s not so great. There are apps out there can make children and teens targets. The Middletown Journal posted an article with some great information about apps, which you can read in its entirety here.

These are some important highlights:

Smith, who works with various law enforcement agencies, said there are a number of anonymous apps that allow juveniles to communicate outside of traditional circles, including Yellow, which he described as “Tinder for teens.” The app also tries to find people on Kik and on Instagram.

“Pedophiles flock to this site because it’s so easy to prey,” he said. “You put in the information and then you immediately get thousands of photos of kids ages 13-17. As a user, you can can send photos and videos.”

Noll, a developmental psychologist and researcher, said parents have to understand that bad things can happen to children in their community, that it is very real, and should be talking routinely to their children about what they are doing with friends, at school, etc. She said it’s difficult to monitor children online because there are many ways to hide profiles or create different profiles as well as the number of apps available to anyone.

“Whisper is just a small fraction of what happens on social media in general,” she said. “Places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are places where children can post anything when they are vulnerable.