Consent is something that you NEED to talk about with your kids!

It is not always easy for every parent to have this conversation. This video will help to get you thinking about what to say, how to say it in your style, and when.

Things to cover during your talk:

  • What does the word consent mean?
  • Give an example
  • Do you need a “Yes” from your partner?
  • Do some “What if” examples with them. Give them a scenario to work through on their own.
  • Explain about alcohol and how this effects consent.
  • Work through what to do if someone is telling you “No”.
  • Work through what to do if you don’t want to give someone consent.
  • Explain what to do if you are a bystander in the situation.
  • Explain what to do if someone violates your consent.

Here’s how these parents did it!

If your kids are high school aged, here is another great video to talk about consent!

It’s Like Tea