Life is an amazing journey.  There are times when things are going great and we are on top of the world.  Unfortunately there are times when nothing goes right and we could use a kind word of support and a reminder that we can get through a difficult period.  There should also be times when we celebrate seeing others doing good and making their community a better a place.  In the coming months you will be seeing gold keys throughout Warren County, or you may be wearing one yourself right now.  On these keys you will find the words Strength, Power, Respect, Engage, Defend, or Overcome.

We hope that the wearer of the key can embrace the word they have around their neck and put that word into action in their daily life.  Once you have gotten to a good place, or you find someone who needs the key more than you do, pass it on!  The key to the Sharing Key is the word SHARE!  Let’s spread these words and messages throughout Warren County.

Let us know how you are using your key!  Find us on Twitter @VFCofWarrenCo or use the #WCsharingkey and tell us the story of your key.  You can also post on our Facebook Page: or email your key story to if you would prefer.