This issue is so important, we are only highlighting one thing for educators.

Recognizing the Signs of Human Trafficking in Schools!

Educators, Administrators, and School Resource Officers are in a great position to identify trafficking victims because of the amount of time children spend at school.

Here are some warning signs:


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How do I report a suspected case?

(1) making certain that both the staff member and the victim are safe, (2) under no circumstances should the staff member confront the suspected trafficker (3) the staff member should assure the child that he or she did the right thing by reaching out, and (4) report the situation as required by law

In cases of immediate emergencies, it is best to call your local police department or emergency access number.

If you suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking, please call the National Resource Center hot line toll-free at (888) 373-7888, or easy-to-remember – 888.3737.888.

From the Ohio Attorney General!