Free, confidential service available 24/7 via text on mobile devices to support Ohioans during stressful times. Throughout Ohio, individuals can text the keyword “4hope” to 741 741 to be connected to a Crisis Counselor.  Any one who needs help coping with a stressful situation can reach out by text to communicate with someone trained to listen and respond in a method that is private, secure and confidential.

Who can use Crisis Text Line? Anyone should feel free to text “4hope” to 7417 41 for help. It serves all ages.

Is the Crisis Text Line like counseling or therapy? No, it is designed to get a person through an intense or emotional period of time, but it is not there to serve as counseling or therapy. It is a human response during a time of need. According to Crisis Text Line, it is “in the moment” crisis work. The highly trained volunteers are supervised by full-time paid staff who have a higher degree in social work, psychology or a related field.

How does the text line work? Text the keyword “4hope” to 741 741 and expect a reply from a trained Crisis Counselor within five minutes. Your message is confidential, anonymous and secure. Data usage while texting Crisis Text Line is free and the number will not appear on a phone bill with the mobile service carrier. An algorithm reviews text for severity and messages that are determined to be from someone at imminent risk are placed at the top of the queue.

Who can help? Anyone can share the word about this new resource as individuals or community members. School personnel, faith-based organizations, social workers, treatment providers and media outlets are especially encouraged to promote access to the text line and access the toolkit.

Are there other keywords to reach this service? Yes, other states, cities or communities may have their own keyword. In addition, the word “HELLO” can be texted to 741 741 in all area codes in the U.S.

 Is data collected and shared? All data is auto-scrubbed for personally identifiable information. No personal information of texters or Crisis Counselors is shared. shares aggregated data, revealing trends. Universities or research institutions who pass a stringent application process can apply to access a limited subset of data for learning about mental health in general.

What if I am not comfortable texting? Please consider calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), use another local resource, or reach out for help to a trusted friend or family member.