intheknowlogoOn November 4, 2015, members of the coalition felt a sense of relief.  The results of voting on ballot issue 3 came in and citizens voted down the legalization of marijuana in Ohio. After all, Ohio would have been the first state east of the Mississippi River to legalize recreational marijuana, and it did not seem the state was prepared to handle the immense work this legalization would create.

However, since that time, medical marijuana was legalized here. The laws surrounding this can be confusing. Already, officers in Lebanon have interacted with many people in possession of marijuana who claim “it’s ok because it’s legal now.” We want to provide Ohioans with accurate information about the medical marijuana legalization to keep you and your kids safe. Here are 5 things to know about marijuana laws in Ohio:

  1. Medical marijuana was legalized in July 2016, but you cannot use medical marijuana here yet. The processes, such as licensing doctors and creating accountability systems for grow sites are estimated to be completed in September 2018. Until then, laws in our state and the surrounding states do not allow for medical marijuana to be used here.
  2. A person with a recommendation for medical marijuana cannot smoke medical marijuana. It may be vaporized or consumed.
  3. A person cannot cultivate or grow medical marijuana for personal use.
  4. Employers can establish and maintain drug free workplace policies.
  5. Employers maintain their right to dismiss an employee for medical marijuana use. If fired, the employee is not guaranteed employee benefits.

Marijuana continues to be an addictive substance. Some of the most addictive and dangerous substances are legal. Nicotine, found in cigarettes, is the most common addiction in the US. And alcohol is also widely abused and highly addictive. Creating access to drugs and alcohol generates potential for abuse and addiction. The Medical Marijuana Control Program has established a website with up-to-date information on their plans. You can visit the website here: http://Medical Marijuana Control Program. This also provides on opportunity for you to give input. The program is seeking public input on new rules created through this program. Please help: voice your concerns and ideas for ways to keep our roads, schools, and neighborhoods safe!