Home. A place where we feel safe and welcome. A place of nurturing and warmth. Although a supportive home is a reality for many in our community, its an idyllic dream from others who aren’tĀ as fortunate. Its important to remember that everyones home is not always safe…or welcoming. Its important to watch and listen for those in our community who may be trying to tell us, in a variety of ways, that they do not feel safe in the very place they should be able to depend on for support and warmth. Keeping a watchful eye and a listening ear for those who may need us is a role we are all called to play as we take part in a community that strives to maintain safety and support for all its residents.

On the other hand, home may also be a place from our past yet, when we are given the opportunity to return, we feel we still belong and that we are welcome. During our periodic returns we may find that we haven’t missed a beat, and pick up where we left off with our family and friends in a community that no longer lays claim as our permanent residence. Erin Tillman is one such Warren County resident who recently returned home yet hasn’t missed a beat. She met with us at the ARCS administrative offices on Friday, October 21st, and shared professional developments that have occurred in her life outside of Warren County since her graduation from the University of Dayton and departure from her hometown of Springboro in 2000.

Erin now lays claim to the title, The Dating Advice Girl in Los Angeles, California. She is an inclusive Dating Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner dedicated to empowering singles in all lifestyles to have happy, healthy, and enjoyable dating lives that best suit their dating & relationship wants, needs, and objectives. Relationships do not fit into a one size fits all category and not every single person is searching for the same kind of partner. She helps singles get the most out of their dating lives by helping them get clear on their dating & relationship objectives, find others who have similar dating & relationship goals, and by providing support when it comes to empowerment, self-improvement, personal development, and boundary setting when it comes to consent. Erin recently wrote The Dating Guidebook and is currently working on her second book, The Consent Guidebook. She spent an hour with our Social Media Coordinator, Molly Wray, discussing her experiences as she aims to guide her clients and audiences through their dating experiences, yet her current focus in her profession deals with various realms of consent, a topic near and dear to our hearts at the Abuse and Rape Crisis Shelter and Violence Free Coalition.