Resources for healthy, respectful, non-violent relationships.

Latest Resources

  • Parents: How to Explain Consent

    Consent is something that you NEED to talk about with your kids! It is not always easy for every parent to have this conversation. This video...

    Safe online summer! slideshare from Violence Free Coalition of Warren County Summer vacation is the best! It’s warm out! You get to hang out...
  • Cyberbullying Stops Here

    As we head into summer, it’s important to keep in mind that just because kids aren’t in school doesn’t mean that bullying stops....
  • ReDo Your Day

    If you’re in the Southwest Ohio area, chances are you’ve heard of the Violence Free Coalition’s ReDo Day program. This program seeks to...
  • 4 Ways To Be a Better Listener

    One thing every person needs, and especially those who are experiencing depression or stress, is to feel like they are seen and heard. When you...
  • Spring Quick 3 for Teachers

    APRIL QUICK 3: for teachers Each month we will be posting 3 quick activities educators can do in their classroom’s to promote Respect and Healthy...

How you can get involved

Join us in our mission to make Warren County violence free. Below are some National, State, and local ways you can be a part of prevention either online or in person.

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