Resources for healthy, respectful, non-violent relationships.

Latest Resources

  • Solar Eclipse: August 21 ,2017!

    The Solar eclipse today begins at 1pm in the Miami Valley & ends at 3:50pm! According to meteorologist Brett Collar, the max eclipse for...
  • Part 2: 4 Causes of Bullying

    This is Part 2 of a four part series on bullying. You can read the first part here. A trendy phrase in the counseling world is “Hurt people...
  • #MotivationalMonday – Gratitude

    There’s a lot than can go wrong in this world. Thanks to the media we are inundated with these stories minute by minute. The psychological...
  • Part 1: What is Bullying Anyway?

    This is Part 1 of a four part series on bullying. The new school year is almost here. No matter how much you’re enjoying the summer, there’s...
  • Are you using Snap Map?

    Snapchat’s new map feature can be fun! Just make sure that you know which of your friends can see your location, and where. Check out this...

How you can get involved

Join us in our mission to make Warren County violence free. Below are some National, State, and local ways you can be a part of prevention either online or in person.

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